Eamon Burke (e_burke) wrote in shittyguitarist,
Eamon Burke

OK either this is the most sarcastic community in the whole world, or the worst idea for a community ever. Seeing as there is no hint of comedy in everyone's voice and there can't be that many people that are that negative, I have to say this is the shittiest community I have ever seen aside from a one I found about beastiality. And really, I think this may be worse. There are a bunch of losers in here who probably can't play guitar worth a shit, and don't know music outside of the "pop intelligence". I see entries flaming Steve Vai and his immaculate tone, Jimmy Page and his flawless expression, Billy Joe Armstrong who can rock a house down and knows his shit enough to have his band cover a Tony Bennet song. So, to all of you who hate everyone for having chops a thousand times better than you,

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