Timmah Uniacke (timmar) wrote in shittyguitarist,
Timmah Uniacke

New traynor cab!!!!!!!!!

It's some vintage 3X12 traynor cab. It's fucking sweet. But I can't find any info on it. I'm a traynor whore. I love the sound of em and when I found this beast for $200 bucks I jumped on it. So if anyone knows anything about vintage traynor cabs, specifically the group 2 312 that would be wicked to get some input...

Also I thought we should liven things up with a debate.... BIg Muff, RAT or fuzz face. Which classic distortion turns your crank and why.

I personally love the muff. it's got a really thick ballsy sound. I realize it's horrible for soloing because it turns it to mud basicaly, but for straight forward rock or blues.. fuck me it's like a wall of tone... I love it. not to mention the joys of screaming I LOVE THE BIG MUFF! at total strangers as you drive by.
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