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[10 Apr 2011|03:35pm]

Hello! I'm selling my Washburn HB-30 cherry red hollowbody electric guitar for $500 (list price: $600). There are four days left for it on ebay, but if you catch this after the auction has ended message me. :)

This guitar has never been used. I used to play guitar for many years, and this is one of the guitars that made its way into my home without ever being played. Now it needs a good home. Hopefully one where it will actually be played and enjoyed.

This was x-posted, so I apologize if you see this more than once.
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[03 Mar 2010|04:39pm]

Теперь вы можете получить желаемый товар в день заказа!!!!!!
Детали, имеющиеся в наличии, тут :

http://vkontakte.ru/album-13558244_99330725 ;)

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Гитаристам))!!! [10 Dec 2009|08:40pm]

Продаются аксессуары для гитар, а именно:

от 205 грн

Потенцеометры,а точнее сами тумблеры от них(в народе "крутилки"):

от 66 грн.


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Rock Music Community Open to Public [24 Nov 2007|07:10pm]
I was invited to this rock music community a while back. At the time, the site was by invite only, but it's now open for anyone to sign up. Here's the site: http://www.allrespect.com/

It's pretty cool and let's you find other people who share your same taste in music. You can also get music news and find others going to the same concert shows. You can even add a little form to your LJ page to compare your visitor's taste in music with your own. I got one on my LJ if you wanna see.

Anyway, I'm rambling... just thought I'd share this with the community! Later.
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Go to Concerts? [03 Sep 2007|05:54pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Another update for what is becoming one of my frequented sites, www.AllRespect.com. They recently added a new Concerts feature. The idea is for you to find other concert goers who are attending the same concerts and then share videos, mp3s, photos, etc. from that show.

The feature is not really being used, but I think it's a good idea, so I'm helping spread the word here. Anywhere, there are still some more invites left to join the new music community. Here's the link:

Enjoy, folks.

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Cool Rock Music Community [12 Aug 2007|06:00pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Hey all,
I thought you may be interested in this new site, AllRespect.com.

It's a music community for people to find others with the same taste in music (mostly rock/alternative from what I see). You can also create your Music Compatibility Test to add to your LJ for your visitors to check how similar their taste in music is to yours. Check out mine on my journal.

Anyway, the site is still in beta and by invite only. However, they have a couple promotions going on -- one for LJ users (lucky us, eh?):

You can read a bit more about the site (clearer than what I'm explaining) here:

Here's my page if you get bored:



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[17 Oct 2006|10:26am]

Hey everyone. I would just like to let you all of you mac musicians out there know that I've started up apple_logic, for all of you Logic Pro, Logic Express, and Garageband needs. Anything and everything to do with these 3 programs is more than welcome. I've started it, but that doesn't mean I have all the answers. Please join, if you know anything about these programs.

Sorry if this is off-topic. Cross-posted.
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[06 Mar 2005|06:33pm]

OK either this is the most sarcastic community in the whole world, or the worst idea for a community ever. Seeing as there is no hint of comedy in everyone's voice and there can't be that many people that are that negative, I have to say this is the shittiest community I have ever seen aside from a one I found about beastiality. And really, I think this may be worse. There are a bunch of losers in here who probably can't play guitar worth a shit, and don't know music outside of the "pop intelligence". I see entries flaming Steve Vai and his immaculate tone, Jimmy Page and his flawless expression, Billy Joe Armstrong who can rock a house down and knows his shit enough to have his band cover a Tony Bennet song. So, to all of you who hate everyone for having chops a thousand times better than you,

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New traynor cab!!!!!!!!! [09 Feb 2005|02:52am]
It's some vintage 3X12 traynor cab. It's fucking sweet. But I can't find any info on it. I'm a traynor whore. I love the sound of em and when I found this beast for $200 bucks I jumped on it. So if anyone knows anything about vintage traynor cabs, specifically the group 2 312 that would be wicked to get some input...

Also I thought we should liven things up with a debate.... BIg Muff, RAT or fuzz face. Which classic distortion turns your crank and why.

I personally love the muff. it's got a really thick ballsy sound. I realize it's horrible for soloing because it turns it to mud basicaly, but for straight forward rock or blues.. fuck me it's like a wall of tone... I love it. not to mention the joys of screaming I LOVE THE BIG MUFF! at total strangers as you drive by.
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[31 Jan 2005|11:36pm]

first vote angry agency by following that link

then go to the web site ... www.angryagency.com

you won't be disapointed
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[30 Jan 2005|10:25am]

my spacer's add my bands space  I promise we don't suck!



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Billy Joe Armstrong!!! [22 Jan 2005|07:13pm]

[ mood | blah ]


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[03 Jan 2005|02:53am]
Hey everybody.. go here==> http://www.londonmusicawards.com/nomination/nominate.lasso and nomnate my band Limey and the lemons for best High school band.. it'll be funny if we make it on the ballot... oh yeah and buy tickets to our show at the embassy .. it's gunna be killer.. we've reworked most of the set and with the help of our new guitar player steve come up with some wicked new songs... so yeah drop me a line if you want some ticketage!
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Time for a flame war [18 Nov 2004|06:18pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Since no one's complained about a shitty guitarist for awhile, can I just say how much I loathe Jimmy Page? Great producer, okay guitarist. Period. Without a doubt the most overrated musician of the 70s.


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[16 Nov 2004|01:09am]

mesa/boogie 2x12 rectifier cab for sale. 2 12" celestion vintage30 speakers. in perfect shape minus a big ding in the front on the cab. it goes through the tolex, but its really not as big a deal as it sounds.

$250 firm

mint condition boss bd-2 blues driver. works perfectly, dont really care for it much, i wont use it so i might as well sell it. its perfect for that overdriven blues tone. i have the box, and all the paperwork including the warranty card, all still new. i think i even still the plastic that was wrapped around the pedal, haha.

$45 firm

boss ge-7 eq pedal. well worn, lots of scratches and dings. works like new.

$20 firm

all prices are +shipping if you live too far to drive.

i have pics if you want, just let me know

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[17 Oct 2004|09:09pm]
hey I know how to do triads, but how do you create a four part chord from that?...I'm trying to get into humber college and my high school music teacher hasn't been able to teach me shit all.. except how to create really odd sounds from my stand up.. anyways.. any hyelp wold be coolidness
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[12 Aug 2004|12:05am]

i just got a schecter tempest. its used. when i play it clean, and loud, i can hear distortion, that i know is coming from the guitar. actually, it sounds more like static than distortion. the distortion channel on my amp sort of covers it up, but i can still tell its there. do you guys have any ideas whats causing this? ive never had a guitar do this before, so i dont know where to start.
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this place is dead, so I'll start some ruckus [13 Jul 2004|02:38pm]

[ mood | amused ]

mids suck.

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Just a quick Promotion [09 Jul 2004|12:48pm]

Any serious guitarists looking for another good guitar community, check out realguitars.  It is a ratings community, but if you aren't a noob they might  accept you.
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[03 Jul 2004|08:24pm]

I am a girl. I play guitar. Most girl bands are insulting to girls who play guitar. Burn Lillix.

That is all.
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